Statement of Principles:

Arise is a diverse and tenacious peoplecentered, membership driven, low-income rights organization.

We recognize the most vulnerable are most affected by oppressive policies, corruption, lack of public transparency and accountability.  Therefore, we demand no decisions are made about us without us, and serious attention must be given to structural and systemic change – from the bottom up.

We are inspired by a belief and commitment to rise together, believing change is possible.  Until all of us are free, none of us are free.   We are committed to the greater exploration of our own humanity.  We believe that health care is a right, not a privilege and that all people have a right to a living wage, housing, healthy and affordable food, jobs not jails, choices around birth, life and end of life planning, parole reform and supporting the rights of people to love whom we choose to love, equal access to jobs, educational opportunities as well as other alternative resources for survival.

From the smallest to the greatest, we stand on a legacy of progress and the constant struggle to demand basic human rights.

We are tied to the intersectionality and interconnectedness of our liberation and oppressions.

We are prison abolitionists and believe in redemption not retribution in our quest to restore and transform justice.

Arise promotes dignity, compassion and respect across residency status, race, class, age, gender, sexuality, the differently abled and spiritual beliefs through our internal and external work.

We value people before profit and object to militarization, and wars waged at home and abroad.

We are working to advance a sustainable and environmentally just world for all.

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