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All politics are LOCAL


In the messiest intersections

March 2023

Welcome to Women's History Month!

The ancestor Audre Lorde said none of us live single issue lives. As we leave Black History Month behind and step into Women's History month, I invite you all to reflect on the intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, and class. Across our social justice movements, women have often done work behind the scenes, overlooked by the men. Black women have done the work, fighting for alongside white women for suffrage and subsequently pushed to the back. Our trans sisters have created the menus, prepared meals, set tables, and decorated, only to be denied access by cis women. At every intersection, there is an injustice, an exploitation, a culture of dominance. If we are to build a society with values of equity and respect, we must show up for each other in all of the messy intersections. Our liberation is inextricably bound together, forged in resistance and woven in solidarity. 

Remember, well behaved women seldom make history!


Our March 2023 Reading List

Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools - Monique W. Morris

Good Enough Mother - Rene Syler

Rest Is Resistance A Manifesto - Tricia Hershey

The Sugar Jar: Create Boundaries, Embrace Self-Healing, and Enjoy the Sweet Things in Life - Yasmine Cheyenne

Lighting the Fires of Freedom: African-American Women in the Civil Rights Movement - Janet Dewart Bell

Support Local independent bookstores! 

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