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The Arise Mold Committee

The Mold Committee at Arise was founded to bring mold awareness and get mold regulations for Massachusetts through advocacy and monthly meetings. 

We are collecting signatures and looking for persons to speak at the upcoming sanitary code hearings. The Mold Action Committee has been working with Science for The People to create a mold informational pamphlet. We are also working with I Am Chaunie Crafts to create a "Mold Lady" character.

We are always seeking new members and volunteers. To learn more and get involved in the Arise Mold Committee, call Arise at 413-734-4948 or email imissyou010916@gmail.com.

To support the Mold Committee, click the support button below! Your contribution helps us provide much needed air purifiers and other supplies to help families fight back against mold exposure. With your support, we can provide education, outreach, advocacy and support to families in Springfield battling against mold and the chronic health hazards it causes.