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Government Shutdown, Day 27

So it's day 27 of the government shutdown and the day after our "What's Happening Wednesday's" drop in and although Arise is not directly impacted, many of the people that we work with are feeling it. As we sat and brainstormed around what we can do as an organization, we came up with a survival guide, if you will, with information on housing laws and rights, food pantries, shelters, stretching food dollars and community support. We've asked people to share their stories with us. Nearly all of the people we advocate for depend on government services, such as SNAP, Section 8, homeless and domestic violence shelters, etc. As the shutdown continues, will people go hungry when the funding for food stamps dries out? Our homeless already struggle so much and now face another undue burden. We are bracing for a storm and temperatures below freezing in the upcoming days. If shelters aren't able to keep their doors open, what happens to those with no place to go? This shutdown affects our most vulnerable and they face the highest impact. One thing is for sure, ARISE needs your support more than ever, to make sure we can continue to stay in front of this and reach as many people as we can. Your donations sustain us.

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